About Us


The Team




CRIMEDIM was established in September 2007 as a research center part of University of Eastern Piedmont.
It gathers the academic experience of professors and researchers of two different departments: Translational Medicine and Science and Technology Innovation.

The center has gradually become an international academic acknowledged expert on the topics of mayor emergencies, carrying out research, consulting and training.

Professors, young researchers and engineers from different academic activities are actively involved in innovative scientific research in various fields of emergency medicine and disaster with particular attention to tertiary education and the use of web technology.



We work to improve health care system response in emergency, disasters and crisis through increasing knowledge, skills and attitudes of health care providers based on scientific evidence and on field experience at regional, national and international level.

Our goals:

  • promote and coordinate emergency and disaster research projects
  • foster learning programs in emergency and disaster medicine with use of new teaching methodologies, especially virtual simulation
  • provide scientific and professional consultancy in emergency or disaster preparedness projects
  • cooperate with different institutions, universities, public or private agencies, authorities, companies to reduce disaster vulnerability.